Get Your CAF List From The IRS

For any Circular 230 tax professional who has been in the business for any length of THS Adtime inevitably they will acquire an inventory of taxpayers under CAF Authority.  The IRS has stated they are working on a CAF Management System as part of E-Services to help the tax professional manage their CAF Authority Inventory.

Currently the only way to get a list of your CAF Client Listing is to do a Freedom of Information Request to the IRS.  They even have a pre-formatted sample letter:

Update 12/11/2016: The IRS routinely updates the FOIA address so instead of showing the sample letter you can see the example on the IRS Website here: IRS FOIA Sample Letter


The FAX Number and Mailing address are updated annually so please check the IRS Sample link abave for the latest info.

To verify your identity the IRS requires the following:

Signing your FOIA request (stamped or digital signatures are unacceptable for the purpose of establishing identity), including your address in the request, and attaching a copy of one form of identification bearing your signature (such as your drivers license).  There are other options you can see here: IRS FOIA ID Requirements

The IRS will mail you a CD with the list all of your CAF Authority Taxpayers in a few weeks.

How To Cancel Old CAF Authorities

The following information comes from a presentation given by the IRS in July of 2011.  The presentation notes can be found here:  IRS CAF Presentation Notes

You cannot withdraw using a list of clients and respective TINs unless the list is an official CAF 77 listing. A CAF 77 listing is the complete listing of all clients for a given representative.

Using the CAF 77 listing and a written request is an effective way to withdraw your authorities for those taxpayers. On the CAF 77 listing, you can line through the clients for which you are retaining authorities, and fax that to the CAF function for processing.


The CAF 77 Listing is the list you receive on the CD.  The IRS does not allow a generic list.  It is important to note you should cross through the taxpayers you want to keep CAF on.

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