The purpose of this page is to provide relevant information about when your Tax Refund will be funded. My name is Roger Nemeth. I am an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers. From 2006 until 2012 I managed several large tax franchises responsible for over 50,000 tax returns. I have extensive knowledge tracking refunds down. The flow chart here is the same flow I used when tracking down customer refunds:

Once your return is E-Filed it should be accepted within 24 hours.
  1. Check the IRS Where's My Refund Site
  2. Call Financial Management Services (FMS) to see if anyone has a filed a claim on your refund.  This is an automated line: (800) 304-3107
    • FMS debts include Child Support, Student Loans, State Revenue Debts and others.  They do not include IRS Debt. FMS Debt Info
  3. The IRS now allows taxpayers to get a copy of their IRS Tax Account Transcripts Online.  To check for outstanding IRS Debt download your Account Transcripts for each year and check the balances.  IRS Debt is valid for at least 10 years.  Download your transcripts here: IRS Get Transcripts
    • You can also check your 2014 Account Transcripts for information on your refund:
    • 576 - Refund Held For Review
    • 577 - Removed Refund Hold
    • 810 - Refund Freeze
    • 811 - Refund Released
    • 820 - Refund used to offset prior IRS Debt
    • 898 - Refund used to offset FMS Debt
    • 971 - Can be numerous issues.  ex. ID Theft, Audit, etc...