• In 2012 there were almost 1 million tax returns identified as ID Theft.
  • Many victims of ID Theft do not need to file tax returns (children, deceased persons, disabled adults, etc...) and are very hard to detect.
  • When a fake return is filed all of the IRS correspondence go to the address on that return.
  •  The ID Theft is usually not discovered until a real return is filed and rejects.
What does the Form 8821 do?
Authorizes the IRS to send any notices to the appointee
You can be your own appointee
If the IRS sends notices to the fake address you will still get a copy of the notice , hence detecting the ID Theft

You can either fill out the form generator above (much easier) or download the IRS Form here and complete it.

Complete these two easy steps.

Step 1 - Download and complete this IRS Form 8821
Step 2 - Fax or mail the completed form to the IRS.

Step 1 - Download

Step 2 - Mail or Fax

East of the Mississippi
Internal Revenue Service
Memphis Accounts Management Center
PO Box 268, Stop 8423
Memphis, TN 38101-0268
Fax: 855-214-7519
West of the Mississippi
Internal Revenue Service
1973 N. Rulon White Blvd. MS 6737
Ogden, UT 84404
Fax: 855-214-7522