Audit Detective has been around since 2010. In that time we have downloaded over 250,000 IRS transcripts and processed over 3,000 Reports. The idea for the report started during the Summer of 2010. Roger Nemeth was managing a tax firm in Atlanta. At the time he had several Enrolled Agents working for him. He noticed that they spent 80% of their time on the phone with the IRS obtaining transcripts and then organizing the raw data. Once they did that finding and fixing the tax issue usually went pretty quick. He attempted to buy a "Transcript Analyzer" to reduce the amount of time it took to handle these tax issues, but was surprised that one did not exist. From that point Audit Detective began. It has now evolved into an extensive analysis of tax data back to 2001.

Roger Nemeth, President & Enrolled Agent
Roger has been doing taxes since 2006. During that time he has been the General Manager for a large franchise in Atlanta as well as a Technology Manager for several tax franchises.  Roger obtained his Enrolled Agent Status in 2011.

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